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 Society Objectives

  • Support education on arterial mechanics appropriate to the various medical communities, such as scientific researchers, clinical specialists, primary care specialists, and pharmaceutical researchers, as well as the patient community;
  • Develop mechanisms and venues for disseminating information on the understanding and application of arterial mechanics and its measurement among the various medical communities;
  • Participate in and encourage the study of arterial mechanics in basic and applied research to further especially the clinical applications derived from an improved understanding of arterial mechanics;
  • Participate in and encourage clinical trials that develop the understanding of how arterial mechanics and its measurement can guide and inform patient treatment;
  • Guide and support efforts to standardize arterial mechanics measurements for clinical practice and clinical/scientific studies;
  • Direct efforts to include arterial mechanics measurements in appropriate national guidelines;
  • Provide the knowledge for the critical understanding and application of technologies to measure arterial mechanics.

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