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An active membership to this growing and influential research community is extremely beneficial to anyone associated with or interested in arterial research. As a member of North American Artery, you can view our member database, participate in our forum, as well as a host of other benefits. Here are seven specific reasons why you should join North American Artery (NAA) Society today.

1. Reduced registration fees.
Members enjoy reduced registration fees for the NAA Annual Scientific Meetings.

2. Be an active participant.
NAA is active in developing a multidisciplinary approach to research in and applications of arterial structure and function. We recognize the value of many voices, opinions, and disciplines, and invite you to get involved.

3. Join the Forum.
Membership in NAA makes you part of the conversation on artery research and applications. You can contribute to and learn from presentations in workshops, seminars, on-line videos, and other avenues of sharing information.

4. Make key connections.
Participation in NAA provides a focal point for developing working relationships with others active in the field.

5. Lead the pack.
NAA will be leading the development of consensus positions on a number of related issues, and participating in the design of upcoming studies in the field of artery research.

6. Become a decision maker.
NAA is an organized voice in the development of clinical applications of arterial research, including setting validation standards and application guidelines. As a member, you can be part of our voice to both the pharmaceutical as well as the device manufacturing industries.

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