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Third Annual Meeting

Hemodynamics and Target Organ Damage:
Mechanisms, Measurements, Management

September 6-7, 2013 | Chicago, IL

The Third Annual Meeting featured Plenary, Clinical/Translational, and Basic Science lectures, as well as a Historical Perspectives dinner presentation, and a debate, which was the highlight of the meeting.  Rounding out the program were 16 abstract presentations, as well as the exhibits, which featured the five sponsoring firms that provided financial support through unrestricted grants.  Kevin S. Heffernan, PhD from Syracuse University was the recipient of NAA's 2013 Young Investigator Award. 

Program Topics

Plenary Lectures

  • Do Novel Central Arterial Hemodynamic Parameters Improve Over Conventional Brachial BP as Predictor of CV Outcomes?
  • Reimbursement Issues for Arterial Stiffness and Central Blood Pressure Measurements
  • History of Central Hemodynamics and Wave Reflection: Translation from Early Experimental Studies to Contemporary Clinical Medicine

Basic Science Lecture 

Molecular Mechanisms of Aortic Deterioration with Aging and Disease

Clinical/Translational Lectures


  • Are There Differences in the Way Current Drugs Affect Central Arterial Hemodynamics and Blood Pressure as Compared with Brachial Blood Pressure?
  • Prime Time to Target Central Arterial Hemodynamics beyond Brachial BP, Which Drugs and Devices are Available?
  • Validation of New Parameters into Validated (or Surrogate) Biomarkers and What Studies Are Needed to Enhance Their Validation? 

Aging, Disease and Youth

  • Central Pulsatile Hemodynamics, Arterial Stiffness and Target Organ Damage
  • Hypertension, Endothelium and Anti-Hypertensives: Insights from Experimental Hypertension
  • Large Artery Stiffness with Aging and Disease: From Molecular Mechanisms to Novel Translational Interventions in Humans
  • Utility of Arterial Stiffness as a Marker of Clinical Cardiovascular Risk in Youth
  • Effect of Lifestyle Interventions on Central Arterial Function in Aging and Disease

    Debate/Counterpoint Presentation

    Central Systolic Blood Pressure and Pulse Pressure IS/IS NOT a Better Predictor of CVD Risk than Brachial Systolic and Pulse Pressure

    Oral Abstract Presentations

    • Resistance Exercise-Induced Increases in Carotid Artery Stiffness Do Not Affect Cerebral Blood Flow Pulsatility
    • Circulating AGE/RAGE Biomarkers and Aortic Structure and Function in Older Adults
    • A Monoclonal Antibody to an Endogenous Steroidal Na/K-Atpase Ligand, Marinobufagenin, Reverses Expression of Profibrotic Genes in Aged Rats
    • Racial Differences in Pressure Responses Following Peak Exercise: Insight from Pressure Wave Separation Analysis
    • Differential Association of the Forward and Reflected Pulse Waves with Aortic Diameter in a Community-Dwelling Population of Normotensive and Untreated Hypertensive Men and Women


    Michael Beebe

    Julio A. Chirinos, MD, PhD
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

    Stella Daskalopoulou,MD,MSc,DIC,PhD
    McGill University, McGill University Health Centre

    Richard B. Devereux, MD
    Weill Cornell Medical College

    Daniel Duprez, MD, PhD
    University of Minnesota

    Bradley S. Fleenor, PhD
    University of Kentucky College of Medicine

    Edward G. Lakatta, MD
    National Institute on Aging

    Gary F. Mitchell, MD
    Cardiovascular Engineering Inc.

    Wilmer W. Nichols, PhD
    University of Florida

    Leopoldo Raij, MD
    University of Miami School of Medicine

    Achim Schwarz
    IEM GmbH

    Norman Stockbridge, MD, PhD
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    Hirofumi Tanaka, PhD
    University of Texas at Austin

    Raymond R. Townsend, MD
    University of Pennsylvania

    Elaine M. Urbina, MD, MS
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    Dean C. Winter, PhD
    AtCor Medical, Inc.

    Program Committee

    Bo Fernhall, PhD

    Chicago, IL

    Gary L. Pierce, PhD

    Iowa City, IA

    Industry Liaison
    Peter U. Feig, MD

    Guilford, CT

    Raymond R. Townsend, MD
    Philadelphia, PA

    Dean Winter, PhD
    Portland, OR 

    Supporting Organizations







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